Get it done

Get it Done

A badly decorated room can be fixed.

Here it is: the smaller your budget, the more you need to make sure you don’t make mistakes. Call for help.

Lets talk about budget-wise ways to make your home work for you and look beautiful at the same time. Lets use ready-made curtains, off-the-shelf curtain rods, and the sleight-of-hand tricks slipcovers can perform. Lets think about the magic of paint, and maybe learn a few new DIY skills along the wahy.

Lets look at alternatives to custom-made blinds and shades that can require a second mortgage.

Lets put together a plan and a budget,with a timeline and a priority list that is workable for you.

My fee is hourly, I don’t get commission from any suppliers so you know I’ll tell you the truth, and I promise to listen. I promise.