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5 Reasons to Hire a Decorator

  1. A decorator will save you money. If a gallon of paint costs $65.00 and you buy two in the wrong color; you have lost $130.00. Plus all the time it took to choose, shop and paint. The smaller your budget, the less room you have for mistakes – you need help to get it right the first time.   

2. A decorator will help you clarify your vision – she can take all the pictures you have in your ‘wish’ folder and make sense of it. She will work with you to help you get the elements just right, in the right proportion, and in the right place. She should have some formal training;  it is indicative of a serious dedication to the profession. She should be able to provide you with a scale drawing of the finished room. 

Think about it, who would you prefer to have working in your home- a self-taught plumber or one who has taken some training?

3. Training will help a decorator help you.  A decorator will help you make a plan. A decorator should provide a plan that meets your vision and your budget and details the steps to take, and in what order. With her knowledge and training, she will be able to devise a plan that fits  your budget and your timeline. 

You can then schedule your time and expenditures to fit your life.    A decorator can provide scale floorplans of a new space. Downsizing, renovating, moving, or buying new furniture is much easier, takes less time, and is much less stressful if you know where each piece is to be placed.

4. A floorplan will show you possible trouble spots for using existing furniture, and will clearly show you the size that new furniture should be.  Floorplans will also reveal such elements as the size of the rug needed, the size and shape of coffee table,  bedside tables, and lighting.  

5. A decorator can help you solve design dilemmas.  A good decorator brings a wealth of knowledge of interior fashion and function and will be able to help you with such diverse problems as how to deal with an off-center window or how to maximize storage 

Often just having a trained set of eyes look at the problem and discuss it with you will show the solution.  

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