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9 Ways to Reduce Home Heat Loss

Really? I’m loosing 25%?

 25% of your heat goes OUT your windows. If your heating bill is $100.00 for a month, about $25.00 of that goes directly out your windows. So, it ain’t rocket science to see that if you can reduce this one area of heat loss, you can actually see a dollar drop in your heating bill.

Most people know how to reduce heat loss by replacing door weather stripping, adding snakes to the bottom

OK, not this kind of snake.

of the outside door to prevent drafts there, and by keeping the furnace filter and ducts clean and in good working order. You can google any of that and get great suggestions and how-to’s.

Get specific.

These nine are specific to windows or drafty doors. I’m assuming you know that replacing your old windows is one of the best ways to reduce heat loss, but many of us don’t have the budget luxury of doing that right now.

R and U-Value. Once again.

Please also be very aware of this one fact: the insulation in your walls is probably rated at R-24. The BEST windows on the market right now are about R-4 or 5.

I know, and you do too if you’ve been a reader for awhile, that windows should not be measured in R-value, but rather in U-Value. However R-value is what most people understand so must windows have that rating too. To summarize:  the higher the R, the better —  R-40 is high for wall insulation. The LOWER the U, the better —  U-value of 15 is great.  ( Here’s a bit more info on R and U-values, from a column I did awhile ago.)
There ARE windows on the market which are reaching an R-value of 11. And they cost  about 250.00 per square foot, where a medium-quality new vinyl window can cost about $ 25.00 and up per square foot.

Here’s the list of 9 ways to reduce heat loss.

So here are ways you can reduce your heat loss. And some of them you can do today with no, or minimal, cash outlay.

1. Install plastic film over the inside of the window frame.

2. Install window film onto the window surface.


3. Put lining on your existing curtains or drapery. (Here’s how to do that yourself. Sorry for all the ads.I really did write the instructions but I have no control over ad placement..)
door curtain
4. Install a gap filler between any blinds and the window frames.

5. Think about putting a movable curtain on the wall to cover little-used, or drafty, doors.
6. Clear furniture from in front of, or over, any heat registers.

7. Use heat deflectors above floor grates to move heat into the room.

8. Plug the chimney if it’s not being used. ( A chimney balloon. No kidding.) (From CBC..more info here)

9.  Use magnets and magnetic tape to help seal the window covering to the wall or window frame.

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This is EXACTLY what’s happening. But YOU can make a difference. Nice to know there is something you CAN control, even a little bit, isn’t there?

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