phoenex, not a fuit fly

A New Home!

Hello Friday AM readers. I’m so very tickled to be here; some of you may recognize the by-line and mugshot of me from another newspaper column. Well, bless Lorne’s heart, my words and I have found a new home over here. ( And the image, by the way, is a phoenix. )

For those of you who don’t know me and what I do: I’m an interior decorator with a specialty in window coverings and the manufacture of anything fabric.  I’ve written and taught a college-level interior decorating course, I’ve written over 800 on-line how-to’s, two books on simplified interior decorating and I write for several on-line businesses in the decor industry.

Here at AM I’ll continue the column’s purpose of answering your questions and keeping you up to date on the latest innovations in the industry. And maybe a bit of interior design theory explained along the way. 

A few days after the column appears here, I’ll publish it on my website, where I’ll add more info, add sources and lots of images. I give away stuff on the website and publish more info which may not necessarily fit into the monthly column; it’s worth getting on the email list for the freebies alone. I think.

Let’s start here: twice in the last week, I’ve had prospective clients say they don’t think they can afford professional help. The truth is that the smaller your budget, the more you need to make sure you don’t make mistakes. ( Here’s a column I wrote about this a while ago ) Through this new column home I will give you some tools and information to ensure your success.

It’s my job to be a sort of encyclopedia of what’s out there in the industry; I spend several hours a day reading and researching — so you don’t have to.

I look forward to sharing this time with you. If you have something you’d like me to address, please email me at

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