We have high density, low density, high compression, low compression,   5 ,10 or 15 year, open cell, closed cell, latex, visco-elastic, memory, craft, outdoor, and camping foam.  And all you wanted was some new foam for the chair pads in the kitchen. So here you are, the Foam dictionary: Density refers to the amount of material per square foot. High density has more material, low density has less. This figure is usually expressed in pounds per cubic foot – how much a piece of foam 12” x 12” x 12” weighs.  Or you may hear high, medium, and low density. A number 1 density means the foam weighs 1 pound per cubic foot.   Compression:  The number of pounds of pressure it takes to compress the foam 1 inch. 40 compression foam takes 40 pounds to compress.  This is referred to as the ILD  (‘Indentation Load Deflection’  and it is READ MORE

orange feature wall

The Feature Wall

In the last column I mentioned a design ‘rule’ that is : the eye will go to the area of greatest contrast first. (White belt on a black outfit)   Another example of this is: Think of a tree standing all alone in a field. Now think of that tree with a branch partially broken, hanging down. What is the most obvious thing about that tree, the one thing everyone will see first, before they see the tree? Yup.. the broken branch. Contrast. Heard that before? This is one of the main design guidelines. If you want something to be noticed in a room, make it different from its surroundings.  Another example:  Put three vases of similar size on a window sill. One is pale green, one is pale blue, one is red. Which one will you notice first? Was that your intention, or was it to have the three READ MORE

60’s wing

This is a Koehler chair found at a garage sale for $30.00  and was paid for in local trade dollars. The fabric and chair costs came to just under $85.00

Valances – the good the bad and the ugly

Yes folks, valances are back.  But wait!!  I am not talking about the newspaper stuffed balloon valances, or heaven help us, the combination of  two or three   wide rods hung really close together with fabric all squished up.  Style and  beautiful fabrics are what make today’s valances different.  The fabrics do the work. Like a classic dress, it is perfect proportion, great fabric, exemplary construction and attention to detail that make or break a valance.   When  pre-made blinds and shades became readily available in the early 90’s, a lot of us stopped using fabric on our windows at all. The result was a minimalist look that fit well with the pared down type of decor design of the era. The trend now is toward a warmer, more cozy interior space and fabric window treatments are one of the easiest ways to achieve this. So, because we still have READ MORE

The Gold Sofa Slipcover

This is the Gold Sofa, there is also a loveseat in the room and the wing back chair was done in a really garden-like floral. Once again Fabricland came through with just the right fabric at fantastic prices. The rococco on the sofa is a wide width fabric that is particularly well priced, and suited, to slipcovers

Judy’s Meditating Chair

This is my favorite slip cover so far. Thrift store chair, astounding chenille fabric from Fabricland at about 8.00/meter. A slipcovered ottoman is in the works.. for Judy to rest her feet…

The red dining room chair

I wanted you to be able to see the detail on this chair a bit more clearly than on the composite picture below. This really is a great cover.

Dining Room Chairs

Great lines on this chair, just really icky fabric. The beige slipcover has a nubbly all cotton bullion fringe on the bottom and on the lumbar cushion but it is still all washable. The red is a gorgeous fabric with a shot taffeta used in the double pleats and as the main fabric for the lumbar cushion.  The perfect little tassels are a  great find at Fabricland for 3.98 each. 

The Green clamshell chair

This poor lady was headed for the big bin. Here’s her before and after — slipcovered in the last of my 60’s print. This chair sat in the entry way of my Mom’s last home. Now it’s in the entry of a gal who was very special to Mom, someone she thought of as a daughter.