cluttered room

Is it Clutter or clutter?

First of all, I believe that a home should support the people who live there. It should nurture a sense of calm, a sense of belonging. It should be easy to clean, easy to maintain and be a place where the inhabitants want to spend time.  Clutter impedes serenity. It’s really difficult to feel calm when there are piles of clothes, toys, or dishes everywhere. It’s difficult to feel calm when everywhere you look there is a reminder of something you must do.  I wrote a little book a few weeks ago, which is now published on Amazon, if you don’t mind, about ‘Clutter’, and how to get to the end of the job. ( Search for my name on Amazon and you’ll find it). While researching, I joined a Facebook group of Clutter-suffering people, just to see what they say. This group has over 478 THOUSAND members. That’s almost READ MORE

tug of war

Yetza Hara

I did not know until very recently that every major religion in the world identifies a negative force within every one of us. This force has one main job. It’s to protect us from change. It controls the ‘flight’ response we have in times of danger —  it tries to keep us stable, and on a known, predictable path. It’s also misguided. It is the voice inside that tells us we don’t deserve, that we aren’t good enough, that we aren’t attractive enough, that we aren’t smart enough. I’m convinced it’s also rather stupid. It tries to stop us from doing ANYTHING new. Again, its job is to keep us safe, and that means nothing new. Learning a new skill? Nope, not going there, that’s unknown territory, you might fail. Or you might succeed. Either option changes the status quo, can’t be doing that. Talk to that attractive stranger? Good READ MORE

before and after closet

A new definition of clutter

“Clutter can also cause feelings of stress, fatigue and depression. Stress can contribute to poor sleep, poor eating habits, and general poor health. ( Clutter is anything that is not where it belongs.  Huh? A rose growing in a wheat field is, technically, a weed. It doesn’t belong there, it can interfere with what should be there. It can create stress for the wheat farmer, if it gets mixed in with the final product it can reduce the value of the wheat. Who would think that a lovely rose could be bad-mouthed?  So, with that in mind, let’s look at the kitchen counter. I bet there are things on the kitchen counter, at some point during the day, that don’t belong there. Right now, my purse, some jewelry-making pliers, and a page of junk mail someone mistakenly thought would change my life are on the counter. As is a roll READ MORE