Corn, Rhinos and Carpet

I send out a monthly newsletter and for the first time I’m going to use some of the newsletter in the column. I’m doing that because I really want homeowners to know about this carpet fiber and what it can do for you. If you are out and about ”just looking around” in a big-box home DIY store, go to the rug department and feel a carpet made of this fiber; you will be surprised. I promise.

What could possibly tie Corn, Rhinos and Carpets together?  The fiber “Triexta.” This is a relatively new fiber produced from cellulose which is a renewable resource. (There is the corn.) It is also the strongest and most durable carpet fiber ever produced. Its stain and crush resistant properties far surpass any other fiber and these properties are part of the fiber; they are not achieved by adding finishes after production so they won’t wear off. It is highly resistant to color fading,  feels very soft and is available in all price ranges of carpets.

To prove their claims of superiority, the developers put Triexta fiber in the Rhino enclosure at the Birmingham Zoo. Two weeks later the (cleaned) carpet showed no signs of staining or wear. (There are the Rhinos.) Same results in the Dallas Zoo’s Elephant and Camel enclosures. Yes, a bit show-bizzy, but it was enough to aid in the designation of Triexta as a new fiber, joining polyester and nylon as one of the three main fibers used in residential carpets. If you are buying a new carpet you would do well to get one with a high Triexta content.

Nylon and polyester make durable, stain-resistant, affordable carpets, too, and some at very low prices.  Triexta is being blended with these two fibers to add further durability, color fastness and resistance to staining while keeping the price down.  For the diehards, wool or silk still have their place in the carpet world, but they are becoming price-prohibitive for most people.  Those of us down here in the trenches want as much stress-free stuff in our homes as possible and looking after an expensive rug may not be on our housekeeping lists. 

Carpet is making a comeback in decor. I see a lot of people wanting relief from hard, noisy floors and carpets can add instant softness to any decor. It’s a big buy, though; ask a professional for help.

Click on this video; it’s the clean-up of the enclosure after Ricko had his way with it for 2 weeks.

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