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The column on bamboo generated a bit of buzz.

I have been asked several times for a source for the socks and except for the lady at the Caravan Farm Theatre Sunday Market, I couldn’t find any local store selling 100 percent bamboo socks. I’m trying to track down the number for the lady from the markets but here  are a few Internet shops I found.  I e-mailed the Ontario source for more information, as their website seems to be a bit flaky, but haven’t heard back from them yet. If anyone finds a supplier, please let me know. (Florida) (San Franscisco) (Ontario)    

  I will be doing a dress form workshop in my workroom on Saturday October 15. Participants will make an exact replica of their own torso and get the plans for a stand for ‘her’. This is an excellent tool for any dressmaker.  If you have ever sewn with a customized dress form, you know how easy it is to make good- fitting garments for yourself. I have one shoulder quite a bit higher than the other and making a suit jacket without a form is just asking for trouble. How do I know?? Guess… 

The workshop itself, just for the supplies. Call me 250-833-1120.  

Here is an interesting update on the on-going shade cord issues in the U.S. At a recent meeting of the U.S. Window Coverings Manufacturers and the Consumer Advocacy  Group tasked with finalizing the manufacturing standards for shaded window coverings, talks broke down with the Advocacy group leaving the meeting, citing the Manufacturers for ‘not listening’. 

I imagine they also had a problem with the fact that those who will be manufacturing the products are writing the new rules. (Rather like the coyote designing the hen-house security system).  Statistically, one child a month dies in the U.S. from strangulation on shade cords; it would be nice to get the regulations finalized. I know it’s the U.S. but the word we get from the Canadian government is that we will be adopting the U.S. regulations, so I hope these groups smarten up and sort this out. 

In the meantime, I continue to make Roman shades, following the interim regulations, with no exposed lift cords. 

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