Catching up a bit

Catching up.

A few catchup things this week. First of all, I’ll be at the ‘It’s All About Women’ Conference, Saturday January 29 at the Prestige, doing a little talk at 1:00 and repeating at 2:00. The subject will be color and light in your home. Come join us and learn some things and have some fun in the process. If you have a Design Dilemma bring  some pictures or information and I’ll do my best to help you solve the problem.
I few months ago I told you about the Corded Shade problems in the U.S. and the recall of any corded blind. The new standards have been established and while the Canadian authorities have not, at this time, adopted them for Canada, indications are that this will soon happen.  In a  nutshell, any blind or drapery system that has exposed cords has been removed from the market.  New products have been developed for the fabrication of these  items and these products can also be used to retrofit existing  fabric blinds and shades. If you have a fabric blind constructed in the ‘old’ way with cords and rings I am now able  to bring these blinds up to the standards that makes it  almost impossible for children (and pets) to get caught in the cords and I will be using the new methods if requested on any future blinds I construct.  The products are quite innovative, don’t interfere with the look or function of the blind or shade and are not expensive.  Call me for more information. 250-833-1120
As a side note to this, if you have a blind with exposed cords in a room where children or pets have access, PLEASE take precautions to prevent a disaster like those that caused this dilemma in the first place.  Again, call me if you’d like more information on what you can do. 
Also, a few months ago, I told you about a beautiful older home that is being renovated. We finished the window treatments in the front sitting room and they are simply breathtaking.  I’ve posted pictures on my Gallery, get there via the website; and click on the flashing book icon to get to the Gallery.  Scroll down past the wing chair to the posting ‘ New Jewelry for a Grand Old Gal’. 
Hope to see you at the conference.
Oh… P.S. For those of you wondering, no I didn’t get married, the name change is back to my ‘maiden’ name... 


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