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How to Choose a Window Treatment

1. Be prepared when choosing window treatments.

The first step in choosing window coverings is to determine your needs.

Start asking the basic questions. When you are done, you will have the information you need to make an informed choice about the type of treatment which might suit your needs. If you want blinds or shades, I wrote a guide and a checklist to help with this. Click the images below to get your copies.

Think about these, too: What is the budget? What are you comfortable spending on window treatments? You may very well think  ‘Oh budget isn’t a real concern,’ or the more common thought ‘I have no idea what to expect to pay.’  Don’t do this. Get informed. I wrote a bit about the price of custom so you’ll be prepared for the sticker shock. (Here is a column about drapery: The Price of Custom”. And this one about the “Price of Blinds and Shades“.

2. Things to ask when choosing window treatments

1. What would you LIKE the window treatment to do?

2.What do you NEED the window treatment to do?

3.Is it functional or decorative?

4.Light blocking

5.Sun blocking (furniture and floor protection)


7.Hardware mounting limitations

8.How will the treatments be opened and closed, is there room behind the  sofa, for example, if   the drapes are a hand draw

9.Are there pets or small children in the home

10.Where are the air vents, heat registers, air conditioning units, etc.

11.Where are the alarm eyes?

12.What do you expect to do when it’s time to clean the treatment? Laundry, specialty cleaner, vacuum only?

13Use the Window Treatments check-list and check off the window treatments which may be appropriate for this room.

If you have decided on blinds or shades, and you have printed and read the guide and checklist, you should be well on your way to knowing what product will work best for you. If you want fabric, you need to do a bit more work.

3. Choosing Fabric Window Treatments

With blinds and shades, you don’t have a lot of ‘style’ choices. With fabric you do. Treatments should follow the mood and feel of your room, ( the theme),  and must also meet all your requirements, be hang-able and, most importantly, be affordable.  The chances of you being successful finding something like this in a package at the home decor store is almost nill.

Fabric treatments for windows are best made by a professional window-covering specialist — the main reason for this is because she will know if your choice is right for your needs. Or not, and she can offer alternatives which will meet your needs.

Next column will be about choosing Fabric Window Treatments

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