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How to clean your window coverings.

The first step is to look at your window coverings and decide if they actually need a total cleaning.  Fabric coverings and blinds are treated differently.  For blinds please please please DO NOT take them down and try to wash them unless the care instructions indicate it’s OK to do this.  Often the cords are cotton and will shrink; the adhesives may be water-soluble; the metal components may rust. Clean your blinds by dusting with a wool duster or  vacuuming followed by a light wiping with a damp cloth only;  no cleaning solutions. This means no cloths or ‘wands’ with built-in cleaners. If you have a real dirt problem you need to find an ultrasonic blind cleaner person to come and clean your blinds.- See the link below for help with this.

For your fabric window coverings; remember that most drapery fabric is not washable but for those that are removable and not pleated you can put them in the dryer with a damp towel and ‘fluff’ them a bit. Consider what you will do if you have to iron them after fluffing. If you have pleated drapes vacuum them; both on the face and lining side. Tie them back with the pleats in place and gently steam with a handheld steamer. Let them sit still for a few days. Check the content of the fabric before you steam. Natural fibers may shrink, silk may water stain.  

If you really need to wash your washable coverings, do it gently and use an extra-large washing machine less than half full.  Try to re-hang them when they are still a tiny bit damp and smooth out any wrinkles with your hands. 

Not too long ago, I was called to rehang a living room swag that had been taken down for cleaning.  The homeowner didn’t understand that all the pins were there for a reason – to hold the swags in place. (I hasten to add I did not construct this swag initially…) When it came back from the cleaners it was one long piece and it took two of us several hours to get it to a semblance of what it was previously. Sometimes window treatments are not meant to be taken down at all;  if in doubt call me.

Family Drycleaning and I work together to get your drapes and valances cleaned. Call me, 833-1120; I’ll come and remove the drapes, get them cleaned and re-hang them for you.

If you have Venetians or blinds that need cleaning, Shuswap Window Cleaning offers a mobile service. They do it all for you at your home, 833-2533.  I have not used this company- they are new to me. If you have used their services and would like to comment, please e-mail me at linda@designsewlutions.ca

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