Valances on In-opening Doors


Putting valances above doors is  a stickler.  Selecting window coverings  can be frustrating if the placement and type of window does not lend itself to the style of drapery we want. 



I am often confronted with the necessity of  putting a valance on a door that opens in to the room. This is most often French doors  with windows on either side and the top of the French door is a different distance from the ceiling than the side windows.  Problem number one is that the doors open in, and therefore it is not possible to mount a valance above the door.  Problem number 2 is the difference in the height of the windows. 



There is a new  hardware system available that addresses both issues.  The valance is fastened to hardware that mounts on the door and the valance moves as the door swings open.  The height can be adjusted to match the height of the valances on the side windows, providing an unbroken visual line and giving the appearance of one long valance. Stationary side panels are often hung to complete the  illusion of one window and  almost any style of valance can be adapted to this system, from a simple gathered valance to a smart box pleat or a formal swag treatment. 



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