Drapery Rods

definition: Curtains are window coverings usually hung on rod systems that open and close horizontally. Drapes are lined curtains.
Considering the  fact that most over the counter drapery  rods will only span a specific distance without bending; what’s a DIY’er to do?  You can spend a LOT of money on rods, or not very much at all but, once again, doing some homework will save you time, aggravation and money.
These are the questions you should ask yourself; they are the same questions I would ask you during a house call.
Do you want to be able to open and close your drapery easily and often? 
– Drapes hung on rings will catch on the expansion join of telescoping rods.
Do you need a cord operated system or can you hand draw the drapery? 
Do you want the drapery to clear the window when in the open position?
-If so, add about 20% to the window width and use this as the finished rod width.  Is there room on either side of the window for this?
 How much distance will you need the rod to span without support?
-I rarely use a rod without a support at least every 3 or 4 feet. Therefore, most wood rod and rings systems available over the counter are not really suitable for full length drapery  that you want to draw  from the center to each side; or to one side only (as in a patio door).  
And the big one: how much room do you have to mount hardware? 
Now having answered these questions you have probably, if working on a large window, realized that you need a rod with brackets that do not prevent the glides from operating all the way along the bottom of the rod.  A  traverse rod  is cord driven and  will work, is not very expensive but is usually very ugly so you will need to think about a valance.  An I-Beam rod will work too, but is hand drawn and is not very pretty either. Or you can look at ordering a rod from someone like me who has access to new rods that do all the things we need them to do, look great and don’t cost a lot.   Call me if you would like to see some options.
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