Modern Farmhouse. What?

I don’t think we’ve had a real new design style emerge in years. I don’t count Shabby Chic — it was an offshoot of French Country. I don’t count Bo-Ho — it was an offshoot of Eclectic. I don’t consider Transitional a design style because it’s, well, transitional. But now we have Modern Farmhouse, and I think this one is a keeper.  

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Where did this come from?

I know this style has been around for a few years, but it took time to solidify. The color trend to gray was the push it needed and it’s finally making its way into the mainstream.

A study from Apartment Therapy  pegged it as the top trend for 2017/18.  And no matter what you think about Apartment Therapy, it is speaking for a huge number of people who want a beautiful home without spending a fortune.  Farmhouse is still popular four years later, having also been featured in House Beautiful, Houzz and Dwell.

mfarmhouse batheroom at27marYes, they call it a trend but I believe it will morph into a style and be around for quite some time. It just suits so much of how we think now. It supports the comfort we desire in our homes but without fuss, and with the convenience of some ultra-modern touches. 

Picture this kitchen:  Warm mid-toned wood floor, white walls with open shelving above, painted wood below. A gray-black-white muted granite countertop. 

Maybe white cabinetry, maybe charcoal. Free-standing island with a natural wood top. Industrial frame stools with weathered wood seats. White subway tiles. Beautiful millwork. Hanging iron pendant lights — large open frames exposing old-world ‘light bulbs.’  A farmhouse sink, but made of stainless. One large burgundy-red aster in a short glass vase. A few pots of herbs on the counter. 

That’s Modern Farmhouse, and here are its hallmarks:

* Matte black and white color palette.

* Dull finish metals, particularly iron, copper, and chrome.

* Natural wood finishes — no high gloss or drastic distressing.

* Industrial lighting. 

* High-quality antiques used sparingly.

* Accessories colored from the warm side of the wheel; yellow, red, green.

* Plants.

* Simple flower arrangements; four hydrangeas instead of a mishmash of flowers.

* Naturalistic art. Yes, a painting of cows in a field might work.

* No nick-nacks.

* White subway tiles. Period.

* Painted brick, sometimes.

* Simple wall-colored window coverings. Or no window coverings at all.

* Open shelving.

* Wood island top. 

* Industrial stools.

* Fabric-covered upholstered pieces; natural and neutral.

* Understated area rugs; vintage or something a bit modern. 

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All the photos here are from Apartment Therapy.

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