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Fixing MY Floor-plan

First of all, any architect who designs a space with a corner fireplace should be required to submit reasonable furniture placement plans to the owners.

Dealing with a corner fireplace.

A corner fireplace is the WORST architectural feature to deal with, I think. Worse than off-centre or odd-sized windows or no wall space for pictures. By their very existence, corner fireplaces throw any room out of balance right from the start.

I have a corner fireplace in my condo. I love the fireplace because it is a real wood-burning one, but it has forced me into a really stupid furniture arrangement for five years.

Well, in reality, I wanted my sofa to face the fireplace, ( that’s a design guideline, by the way..), so I could enjoy the fires.

But after last winter, when I used the fireplace exactly three times, I realized that I should not be held hostage by the thing anymore and I needed to re-plan the living room.

One other problem with the placement of the sofa toward the fireplace is that the only area rug that would work well would be a large round one. I had an oval one for awhile, and it was OK, but it bugged me every time I thought about all those beautiful Aubusson area rugs out there that don’t come in oval or round. Well, for less than a King’s ransom anyway.

Good old focal point

One good thing about this placement was the area behind the sofa was a perfect area for my jewelry-making place. I could watch TV and chain maille to my heart’s content. I don’t need that space anymore, so it had become a dust collector..

my Old LR

So about three weeks ago I made a new floorplan. I measured the room and all the existing furniture. I got onto my design software space planning program and did what I do for clients. I made three different and possible floor plans using the view outside as the focal point, not the fireplace.

I kept traffic flow in mind. I made sure the fireplace was visible from some of the seating, I made room for the guitars and bookcases, and the TV is in a place where I can also see if from my desk. (I write my column Sunday morning while the Coronation Street Omnibus is on, for one thing.)

Traffic flow

I let the plans sit for several weeks and went back to them this morning.  I liked this one but it put the sofa right smack in the middle of the room. Way too off-balance for me.

out of balance floorplan

One followed the angle of the fireplace. Nuff said.

angle living room floorplan

and one, as they say, was “just right”.

my lr done

It appears a tad off-balance but works well  the traffic flow to the balcony doors, and the drapes over the doors camouflage that they, and the TV, are off-center.

At 5:30 this morning I re-arranged my living room. And it’s perfect. And the best part of ALL is that a rectangular five by seven area rug is the size I need. THAT won’t break the bank.

So after I finish making some drapes this afternoon, I’m going on-line shopping for an Aubusson rug. For ME!!

Aubusson update one week later:  Still looking. There are some spectacular reasonably-priced rugs on and But I haven’t found the right one yet.

Aubusson update several years later: Never did find the right one.
And I don’t live there any longer.

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