Hang a headboard

Headboards can be a collection of paintings, too.
Use something special. Or make a new collection.

My headboard is a collection of five water-colored paintings my Granny did from 1908 to about 1912. They are on the small size, they are different shapes, but the common theme is that they are landscapes done in soft, blended colors. The frames were all (but one) made by my Grandfather and I chose the frame for the fifth so it blends into the mix.

Unless you knew, you’d never spot that some of the frames are over 100 years old and one is 15 years old.

I made a headboard for a client out of fabric-covered various-sized rectangles of foam insulation. We used different textures and tone-on-tone prints  of the same colored fabric and padded some rectangles so they were thicker than others, adding a bit of dimension and stuck them to the wall with self-adhesive velcro. I wish I had a picture of it, it was one of the most interesting headboards I’ve done.

I’ve seen headboards made of an old mirror, an old door, a new door, a new mirror, oars hung horizontally with sailing pendants hanging down, golf clubs, fabric tubes covered with fabric, tab-topped cushions hung on curtain rods, curtains, and one of my favorites: hockey sticks nailed to a frame to replicate a picket fence.

I’ve made wood frames and created changeable slipcovers, one client wanted a velvet cover for the winter and a bright chintz for the summer. 

I had a headboard replicated from a picture in a magazine and saved the client over $1000.00 by having it custom made.

The point? If you can attach it to the wall, it can be a headboard. There are some great headboard hangers available, check the big box DIY stores for picture hanging hardware, the best one is a two part systems, one sort of metal cleat thingy attaches to the wall, its companion to the back of the headboard and the two cleats slip together creating an almost flush mounting. It’s called a French Cleat. 

I’ve also seen one made by cutting a 1-by-2 diagonally and using the two parts to replicate the two-part metal system.  You can use any picture hanging system if your headboard is within the weight limits for your chosen system; check the package for limitations.

Check this site for instructions on how to make your own. Or have your handy-dandy carpenter type make one for you.

How to Make a French Cleat.

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