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HER Toolbox List

If you need a toolbox, or are asking someone to give you one for Christmas, this is “HER Toolbox List” for what should be in the box. It has what you need and everything is there for a reason.I have added some essentials to my tool-box this year —  things like the T-Tacker which is one of my favorite things.

Don’t forget a decent box, too. A shopping bag just doesn’t cut it. Get a hard-sided box that has either a specific place for everything, or room for lots of organizing boxes. I use rectangular, 2-inch deep plastic boxes.  All my screws go into a  white-topped box,  all my hangers are in the pink-topped box. All my hand tools, like pliers and scissors, are in the green-topped box.

Helpful things:

  1. Pen, pencil and notebook
  2. Sticky-back hook and loop tape
  3. Fabric marking pen, self-disappearing
  4. Cup hooks
  5. Tape measures: metal 25-foot locking and 60-inch fabric.
  6. Band-Aids
  7. Safety pins
  8. Antistatic spray
  9. Silicone spray
  10. Pink-when-wet drywall patching compound
Monkey Hooks
Monkey Hooks: The BEST hanging hooks. Easy to use, easy to remove. No big holes, no stud finder..

Sticking and Hanging Things

  1. Tape: Two-sided carpet tape
  2. Painters tape
  3. Packing tape
  4. Clear drying glue: fabric and wood
  5. Blue poster tack
  6. Monkey hooks
  7. Self-adhesive wall hooks
  8. Alcohol Dry-wipes


tacking gun
T-Tacker. Attach a bed-skirt, fasten panels together, mend a hem.. This little tool just keeps on giving. Call me to order one. 250-833-1120

Mending Things

  1. Hand-sewing needle, black, beige and white thread
  2. T-tacker
  3. Scissors: fabric and utility


  1. Drill with two batteries
  2. Folding Dozuki Japanese saw
  3. Self-drilling wall anchors
  4. Awl
  5. Stapler and staples
Folding Dozuki Saw

Folding Dozuki Saw. This saw cuts on the pull stroke, not the push, making it very easy to use ( cut through a 1/x 2 in about 3 pulls), and it fits into the tool box.

Self-drilling anchors
Self-drilling anchors
  • hammer
  • level
  • stud finder
  • plyers, side cutters, crescent wrench
  • drill bits
  • dryall screws
  • small snips
  • 2-sided tape

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