How much does it cost to heat one window?

If your double paned window is 50” x 50” , and you heat with gas, an estimated $37.00 per year  of your heating bill is going out the window.  This ONE window only. How many windows do you have in your home?   With the right window coverings you could save almost half of this money.

What happens to this $37.00 with different types of covering?

Type                 Estimate of Dollars saved/year      % saved

A venetian ( mini)  blind                        $1.12            3%

An unlined curtain                                $.74             2%

A top of the line cell shade                  $15.32             42%

An interlined blackout drape             $16.00           44%

An interlined, snug fit Roman blind   $18.00           48%

Same window, electric heat, will cost you  about $27.00 per year.

Type                       Estimate of Dollars saved/year     % saved

With a venetian                                  $.63             2%

With an unlined curtain                        $.42            1.5%

A top of the line cell shade                   $8.66              32%

 Interlined/blackout  drape                  $9.00              33%

An interlined, snug fit Roman blind    $10.00             37%

I’ve been in this business for about 20 years and I know that good insulation is provided by cellular shades and insulated drapes and blinds but we haven’t been able to actually estimate a dollar figure on per window saving  until recently. The upsurge of interest in R-Value has made a lot of  new information available. I wanted to share this with all of you who are concerned about your heating bills; as you can see  there is a way to decrease the amount of money going out the windows without  actually replacing those windows.

 If you would like an estimate on  how much your windows are costing you and what solutions are available to you  within your budget, e-mail me at or  check my website and click the link  to Articles.  I can give you estimates on heat loss cost  for single, double and triple glass, electric or gas heat. 

I would like to thank my sister, Judy Erlam, for  successfully navigating the murky waters of cubic feet per gigajoule, degree days and fuel cost multipliers  in order  design the system that makes it possible for me t0 provide you with the estimates.


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