Internet TidBits

Check here for little bits of things.
Check here for little bits of things.

These are some little Tidbits of  things I learned on the internet. If you want to check them out, click on the highlighted links in brackets.

1. “Why paint a Ceiling Black?” ( Houzz: Reasons to Paint a Ceiling Black by Fred Albert.) He lists 11 very good reasons for painting a ceiling black, from making your walls look taller to making your walls look shorter,  with pictures and good explanations. You know how I feel about contrast; this article is a good picture book of how contrast can work for you and against you.

2. “1password”. I had a real address book on my desk with all my account passwords in it. I know, I know, horrid breach of security but I have about 200 password-controlled accounts. I used to use the same password for most of my accounts, but the name of my first pet isn’t “secure” enough anymore. And, heaven forbid, if I need to access an account  on my laptop when I’m out and the book is at home, chances are I have to do the reset thing and that just makes me really crabby. 1password controls all the passwords and allows me to get rid of the book.  (One Password)

3.“Clutter Makes You Fat. “ From the Daily Mail . Written by Peter Walsh who you have seen on Oprah and on his own clutter show. I know I am less productive in my workroom when it is in disarray. I spend too much time looking for things. So, I’ve learned to keep it relatively tidy and everything has a place —  and it goes into that place when not in use.  Same thing in the kitchen. If it’s a disaster and I want to eat something, chances are really good I’ll end up with something quick and probably not good for me or my fanny. Peter Walsh explains why clutter can make you fat. It’s a good read; clear and concise with great examples and testimonials. Very enlightening.

4. And for those of you waiting for the big color of the year announcement from Pantone, the color poo-bahs, here it is: Radiant Orchid, 18-3224 TCX.

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