Magnets,, sort of

Magnets, sort of…. I spoke at a Reskilling Workshop for  Shuswap in Transition recently, presenting information about insulated window coverings and I learned something new.

Read on… As a reminder: an uncovered new window may have an R-value of about 3; whereas the wall will probably have an R-value of 20. Correctly constructed and hung window treatments can have an R-value of 16 or more.  The effectiveness of insulating Roman blinds  is increased if they hang close to the window frame. Attaching them to the frame is best. I have seen mini-shutters on piano hinges clamp the blind to the frame. I have used magnetic strips stuck to the wall, with magnets sewn into the side of the blinds. And now there is magnetic primer!!  I’m not making this up.

I bought some to test. The can says 2 or 3 layers, I used 6 before the 1/2-inch rare-earth magnets stuck, But stick they did. So, paint the window frame, or the wall, with the magnetic primer and cover it with latex paint. Sew magnets into the side edges of the blinds, or drape, and that’s that.

Thanks to Laura at Shuswap in Transition for the heads up about this product.

Changing directions… I was in New Orleans the year before Katrina. As I walked along Bourbon street that first night, I was surprised to hear Rock, Blues, and  Heavy Metal  music at almost every club and bar. Where was the ‘real’ New Orleans music?

Down the street a large crowd spilled over the sidewalk, the narrow ground-to-roof shutters thrown  open, the crowd 10 to 12 people deep, laughing, twirling and dancing to the Dixieland music exhaling from the shoulder-to-shoulder closet that was masquerading as a bar.

I elbowed my way to  a peek through one shutter, the only band member I could see was a lil old lady, pink hair, just ripping up the keyboards. This was New Orleans, this was the real deal. 

Last Thursday at the Art Gallery Jazz night, Sandy Cameron and his Dixieland All-Stars  brought Bourbon Street to Salmon Arm. They painted the picture and had the crowd clapping, tapping and laughing from the first note. It was a very special night; the music came from the stars and I was back in New Orleans, dancing on Bourbon Street,  for just awhile. 

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