My Favorite Books

If I could, I’d be a book hoarder. Fiction, non fiction – doesn’t matter, I love books and if I had a large house with a large library it would be full. I’d love to have one of those library ladders that run on a track all around the room…  Dream on…
I do have a lot of books in my workroom though. When I started in the sewing business I bought a lot of books, took a lot of courses and some of those early  books have become reference guides for me.They are my standbys that I still refer to when my brain gets overloaded or when I’m looking for a bit of inspiration.  
I thought I’d share this list of books with you. Any of these books would be a good addition to a home sewers library. 
The Singer Triad: ‘Singer Sewing For the Home’, ‘Singer Sewing Projects for the Home’ and Singer ‘More Sewing for the Home’.  These three books were originally published in the 80’s and 90’s  and have been updated several times since but the basic information they contain is timeless. I have the first editions of them, all bent and tattered, and I still refer to them for things  I don’t do often like how to make a double flanged pillow or  how to join twist cord . Best instructions I’ve ever seen for making a chair slipcover pattern too.
‘Window Treatments’ by Karla J Nielson.  This is the technical book. It’s a big heavy textbook and can be really dry reading but everyone I know in the business has this book.
‘The Complete Curtain Making Course’ by Caroline Wrey. An all around good how to book.
‘The Encyclopedia of Window Fashions’ by Charles T Randall. Before the internet, this was the reference we all used as the go-to book for ideas.  I still take it on house calls 
I recently bought a re-print of a book from the late 1800’s; all about old world drapery  making and patterning. Fascinating stuff but almost incomprehensible. Next week I’ll be in Las Vegas for the annual International Window Coverings Expo. I’ll be attending a workshop featuring this old book; the facilitator promises to de-mystify it for us. I’m sure I’ll have something to say about the show in my next column.

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