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Paper Towels

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Paper towels.
That’s a gripper of a title, isn’t it?

Here goes.

As I was standing in front of the paper towels the other day, I wondered how much they actually cost per sheet. Exactly like TP.  So, I did the same calculations and it was a bit of a surprise that the same brand that is the most cost effective TP also turns out to be the most cost effective paper towel.

I wanted to check and see if the prices online were, as I believed, less expensive than in the stores. They aren’t. Not really. But the huge advantage to buying online is the free shipping. If you don’t have a car, this can be a real savings.

The calculation method is how many sheets per roll ( they all had the ‘half-sheet’ thing, which now appears to be a sheet, not a half-sheet) to get the price per sheet. Not that complicated.

I tried to use the same size package for both in-store and on-line, and Eco and Great Value aren’t available online.

Brand                   Price per sheet in the store             Price per sheet online
GreatValue Ultra:    2 cents
Royal Tiger             3 cents 3 cents
Bounty                    3 cents                                                   2 cents
Eco                         1 cent

Now, a bit of useless info.
When I worked in a local hotel, the South-American chef often asked me to bake things I’d never even heard of before. Turon de Donna Pepe was one. I YouTube’d it, of course, and found videos with a 12-year old making it in the first one, two nuns in the second and a third video from a very fast-talking chef in a very busy, noisy kitchen. They all were in Spanish, not the greatest studio lighting and with no ingredient listings. I found a translated recipe, but it referred to ‘pieces’ of brown sugar.  After quite a few really abysmal failures, I found out that in South American brown sugar is often sold in a compressed, dried ‘cake’ the size of a hockey puck.  A ‘piece’.

I eventually did get a Turon de Donna Pepe that was semi-acceptable, but by then it was the end of October, (it’s only served in October), and I never have made it again. The picture here is of the Turon, and it’s not one I made.

One last thing:
The colors of the year in the decorating world have all been released. Every year I vow I won’t comment on them again, but I usually do anyway. Not being one to buck tradition, here they are. 

Sherwin Williams: ‘Upward’ a pale, pale blue. Glidden: Limitless, a very pale corn yellow. Behr: Cracked Pepper, black. Benjamin Moore: Blue Nova, a mid-toned serge blue. Valspar: Renew Blue ,robins egg green. Dutch Boy: Ironside, an almost black olive. HGTV Home: Persimmon, to the more intense side of peach.

An astounding range, from a very pale yellow to black. I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite such a range. I guess the idea is that you can paint any darned color you want. Which is what I think you should do, anyway.

There is a good article online from The Spruce called ‘Every 2024 Color of the Year We Know so Far’. Some just lovely room photography although the descriptions can be a bit over the top ‘Persimmon is a warm, earthy, and energetic terracotta shade that combines the elevated energy of tangerine with grounded neutral undertones.’ That’s what I said. To the more intense side of peach.

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