The Pros of Pros


For years I bought the same style and frame color of eyeglasses because I can’t see well enough without my glasses to see what I will look like in the new ones. A few years ago I asked a friend to help me pick out something new and different.  To her credit, the ones she picked were funky and really on trend and would have suited her to a tee. But I could not get used to orange wire frames with red arms; each time I looked in the mirror I cringed just a tad. After a month I went back and the wonderful proprietor gave me a full refund on my frames. (Thank you Evelyn!!) I had her and her assistant help me find some new frames and I loved them. When it’s time for new glasses now, guess who helps me pick?

Just because it's on sale.....
Need I say more???

I had another occasion this last while of the “I can’t wait, I have to do it NOW,” call for decorating help. I set up the appointment for a week down the road. Got an email from the gal a few days later saying, “Thanks, but I had a friend come over and I’m going to do what she suggested.” I know something for sure about this decorating business: If you rush, you will make a mistake or two and that will cost you money. And, with a generous spirit intended, there is an old adage that fits some situations like this: “Free advice is worth what you paid for it.”

Now, I’m not saying your friends are all wrong, I’m just saying that there are professionals around who do things like decorate and sell glasses frames, and they see many examples of good — and bad — choices. They have spent a long time learning their profession and they have a real interest in your success.  Find a pro who listens to you. Few bad choices are the result of consulting with a professional; many bad choices are the result of not consulting with a professional. Consider that a one-hour color consultation before you paint which costs quite a bit less than repainting a room because the color is not right. Whether it’s painting,  developing a design plan for your new home, laying ceramic tile for the first time, or even choosing new glasses frames, you have a much greater chance of professional results if you consult a professional.


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