Rendering of front window

Old Dogs and New Tricks

I was doing some research the other day and came across a statistic that I thought I’d share:

Ideas that are being explained with the use of verbal and visual tools are 6 times more likely to be understood than ideas being explained with verbal tools only. 

I have known for a long time that the phrase ‘I just can’t visualize it’  coming from a potential client was one of my biggest hurdles to overcome. I can see the finished product very clearly in my head but I am not an artist. 

So a few years ago I took drawing classes. I had to label the drawing I did of a shoe to explain what it was.   I spent hours learning how to draw simple examples of window treatments so I could better explain my vision but they never were to my total satisfaction.   

As my business grew and my knowledge increased, it became more and more important for me to find a way for my clients and me to communicate on this non-verbal level.   About 3 years ago I found software that fit the bill and have since been working with the program on and off. 

A few months ago I took the proverbial bull by the horns, signed up for the advanced course, and have spent the last 6 weeks with my nose stuck in my computer. The result is that my hair is a mess, the dust bunnies have grown up to full rabbit size and the cat doesn’t know who I am anymore but I can now produce some really good renderings for my clients.

I can, for example, take a picture of your living room, design some drapery on the actual windows and fill them with the actual fabric you have chosen so you can actually SEE what things will look like after everything is done. Similarly, I can take a blueprint, or a floor plan and design the furniture layout in scale for you.  

I can paint the walls a new color, add a new rug or show you what the sofa will look like with a slipcover.    I have my clients to thank for this. They are the ones who pushed me to get better, to find new ways to meet their needs.  It was one of the most difficult courses I’ve ever taken but I learned a really valuable lesson: You CAN teach old dogs new tricks.

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