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Happy New Year


Well, 2010. Came rather quickly, didn’t it? I’m not much on making resolutions; actually, I love making them, it’s the keeping them that seems to be the problem. This year I have made the resolution to be kinder to myself. I’m going to really make an effort to take a bit of time every week just for me. I’m going to give myself permission to stay in my PJ’s till noon someday. I might just decide that it’s OK to have a white meal on occasion. (My favorite is fish, rice and cauliflower.)


Be easier on yourself

So, what’s the point of all of this? I want you to be easier on yourselves, too. I spend a lot of my professional life in clients’ homes, helping them achieve their vision. I hear from so many of you how stressful decorating is, I see how difficult the decision-making process can be for some of you.

I see the desire for a beautiful home space doing battle with the reality of the budget. This really bothers me because the decorating process should not cause stress. It should be a happy process; after all, we are working toward a better place for you to inhabit.


I believe it’s one of my jobs, as the decorator, to help you make it fun but I need you to meet me halfway. It is all about making your space your own without adding a financial burden.

It’s all about making it comfortable and livable for the people who inhabit it.

It is about your needs and your likes and dislikes.

It is not about what the magazines say, or your neighbor, or your loving Auntie or me. It is about what is good for you and your family.

Together we can accomplish so much more than if you just muddle along by yourself. This applies to most things in our lives.

My most popular column 

In July I wrote a column called ‘You have permission to do nothing’. I heard from you that you want to be told it’s OK to take it easy. Most of you have good taste. Most of you know what you want, and even if you aren’t sure, you almost always know what you don’t want. Most of you have a fine sense of style and most of you don’t trust yourselves. Stop it. Please stop being so hard on yourselves and let’s have some fun. Here’s to 2010.

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