stack of magazines

See No Evil

I threw out a whole bunch of magazines. Well, I didn’t actually throw them in the trash, but they are gone out of my life. Some of them were eight or nine years old, and I’m sure I hadn’t looked at them in seven or eight years. But I kept them, and after looking at each one of them during the clean-out I couldn’t tell why I kept any single one.

roll of fabric
No, not this many. But close

I’m going to tackle my fabric stash next. A lot of women have fabric stashes. Mine is a bit unusual because I don’t have many little bits of fun fabric, I have a whole lot of big rolls of fabric. One of them I have been carting around for 14 years. It’s really ugly, and I can’t see it being used anywhere, but it was expensive fabric, and I am having a hard time giving it to the thrift shop. But I’m going to do it.




boxes of patterns
Not old enough to be vintage, too old to be current.



I’m going to get rid of the two big boxes of sewing patterns I have. I realized the other day I haven’t even opened the boxes in two years. And there are two unlabeled 70-liter containers on another shelf. If I can keep myself from opening anything and can get them to the car and out of here, I’ll have TWO empty shelves in the store room.




I know I’m tempting fate by not looking — isn’t there a saying that if you throw it out, you’ll need it in a few days? I’ve figured out that one — if you don’t look and remind yourself you have one,  when you come to the point where you need one, you won’t remember you had one so voila!!! you’re off the hook. You get into trouble when you look. This is one instance where not knowing is best.

shoeAnd then there is the shoe issue. When I find shoes that actually fit and cost less than a month’s salary, I tend to buy them. And keep them. I’m getting better at it, but I’ve got four pairs of gorgeous, really pointed toe high heel mules covered in mirrors and East Indian embroidery. I love them to pieces, but I’ve never worn them. Not once. They are in a special hanging shoe thing in a closet. Taking up valuable real estate.


empty shelves

I’d like to get to the point where I have extra closet space, an empty cupboard in the kitchen and no old energy hanging around. I can do it. If I can just get the stuff to the car without looking…



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