blue slipcovered chair after

Slipcover for a sad chair

I haven’t seen such a sorry chair in a very long time. It used to have a slipcover of pretty pink damask. Now it’s tired and old and faded and ripped.

Raymond Waites fabric from Fabricland. Spring has sprung.

blue slipcovered chair before

The client wanted the seat higher and did not want a separate cushion, so I added 4 inches of foam to the top of the existing cushion and slipcovered over that.

This was an old chair. The attached seat was a spring seat, it had a lot of ‘give’ so the cover had to allow for that. Along the front edges of the pink cover, you can see a vertical line between the front arm and the seat. That was an open space, the seat compressed at least 8 inches there.

So.. with 4 more inches of foam, the cover had to be able to compress about 12 inches.

Think of the seat as a separate box cushion cover with no ‘bottom’ and with the boxing 12 inches deep. It’s attached to the slipcover inside arms 12 inches ‘down’ and to the inside back, also 12 inches down. On the front, it’s attached at the piping line.

blue slipcovered chair after

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