Splurge or Scrimp 2

Scrimp on these if you have to scrimp.

If you want to scrimp on home decor, you should also be a bit of a DIY-er. It’s amazing what a little bit of paint, or a staple gun and some fabric can accomplish.



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1. Book cases. If you put up a plain, out-of-the-box flat-pack book case, it will look just like what it is. But if you add some molding, paint it, choose the size with care and add some trim to the shelves, it can easily appear to be a custom-made built-in book case.


2. Wall art

Blocks of color create a focal point in a square-box room. Buy three large pre-stretched canvasses and paint each with one color from your color scheme. Or create your own abstract with your paint colors and some paint brushes. Remember that less is more — maybe practice a bit if you are going to become the artist. Collage a selection of photocopies of your favorite family photos for a high-impact focal point in a family room.


Inspirational sayings are hot hot right now. They convey gratitude, remind us of a goal, help set the tone of the room, — and the day — and are easily changeable to match the seasons or a special occasion.  Personalized sayings are so easy to make; a picture frame, a board and a custom-made stencil are all you need. Check The Simple Stencil. They will create a stencil to your very own specifications.



Azha+Broken+Lattice+WhiteLight+Grey+Area+Rug_opt3. Rugs

Area rugs help define spaces within a room and anchor those spaces. They are the inspiration for the color scheme and theme of your decorated room, and they don’t have to cost a fortune anymore. There are many on-line retailers offering high-impact rugs at incredibly low prices. Of course, if you are decorating your home with original antiques, a polyester/nylon rug won’t cut it. But if you are looking to add some panache to a room you may change in a few years,  consider looking at Rugs.ca, or Wayfair.com. ( this rug) Easy returns and sometimes free shipping. If you can’t decide, order the smallest rug available in two or three choices, return the rejects and use the right one in a hallway, or beside the bed, or by the back door.



4.Window coverings in little-used rooms

Chances are really good that anyone who uses the spare basement bedroom won’t spend much time looking at the window coverings. They will want them to block the light and provide privacy. You may want them gussied up a bit but deal with the function first. Get some good off-the-shelf cellular blackout blinds and be done with it. I sell custom-made blinds but will often suggest using the custom blinds in the public spaces, like the living room, and saving money by putting the functional big-box blinds in the private spaces. 


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