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I finally believe that spring is coming. I’m watching the snow recede in my front yard every day, and the cat wants to go out for a walk every ten minutes. She’s getting on in years, and I think she has a touch of Old-timers. But I don’t mind, so much; it makes me stop and go outside. Which isn’t a bad thing at all.

With the coming of spring and summer comes my semi-annual rant about window coverings.  I talk and talk, and sometimes people listen, but mostly the people who really need to listen and get moving don’t bother till it’s after May Long and their homes have heated up to unliveable unless they put the blinds down and then it’s like living in a cave.

So, let’s all get on the same page and think about this.
Sunrise on the first of the month: April 6:30 a.m. May 5:30 a.m. and June 5:00 a.m.
Think about that. 

The sun will shine on YOU. Every time. So be prepared this year.

From order to installation, blinds, shades and window treatments take a minimum of four weeks. Longer as we get closer to summer. So plan ahead. Please.

Which window treatment should you consider? This is a GUIDELINE for you. There are no rules, here. The window treatment police will not come by if you choose something out of your lane; this is a simplified path if you don’t know where to go. And there is no rule, either, about combining treatments.

Step 1. Decide what you need your window treatments to do for you.

You need them to protect against the morning sun and provide room darkening at night.

-The best treatments for room darkening are black-out lined drapery, blackout cellular shades or black-out roman shades.

In the summer you need to protect against heat gain while allowing the view through.

-The best for this are solar shades with a view-through of 5%


Step 2.

Is the room a Contemporary style? Or more Traditional? Perhaps rather Shabby Chic? Or maybe Modern Farmhouse? Or is it more Eclectic?

Traditional, Shabby Chic and Old-world rooms are best suited to fabric window treatments.

Modern, Modern Farmhouse and Contemporary rooms are best suited to structured window treatments (Cellular shades, Slatted fabric shadings like Silhouettes, Roman Shades).

Eclectic or Bohemian: Casual drapery — rod and rings or grommets, for example, OR Roman shades. Or both.

repetition print

Step 3:

Window coverings should be almost last on the decorating list. They come after paint color, decorating and furniture placement. Think of this ‘ Form Follows Function’. This means that the function of the window treatments is the first criteria to consider, and the form that takes follows. The smart thing to do is get some professional help here.

Call a window covering specialist and book a consultation. Not someone who sells just blinds, but someone (like me) who knows blinds AND fabric treatments. That way you can get to what you really need, not just what they sell. Ask for a consultation, not a sales call. A consultation is a question and answers session. And expect to pay for this; remember that a window covering can easily cost more than the window itself and you don’t need to be making mistakes.  A consultation can save you a lot of money. And agro. Which everyone likes.

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2 thoughts on “Simplified: Choose sunblock”

  1. I love TDBU and I’ve recently started using a lot of day/night shadings. They are two blinds in one, one is a blackout, one is a semi-sheer. So you can have either, or just the bottom black-out-ed ( privacy) and the top semi-sheer, or all blackout or all semi-sheer — or move them to the top of the window for full exposure. I actually like them more than TDBU because there aren’t any strings visible.

  2. We went with cellular blinds on most of our windows, we wanted light to filter in whether they are open or closed. We also highly recommend the top down feature, this allows us to let even more light in but retain some privacy. There are a few windows in our new home that are waiting for me to choose the right window treatment, your tips have been very helpful.

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