Tables and Rugs

Tables and Rugs
I have been asked several times recently about rugs and tables –  both coffee and dining – and how the shapes should relate to each other. So, here is your lesson on rugs and tables. 
The Shape of the Space
The shape of the area rug should mimic the shape of the space it is to occupy. Measure the width and length of the area where the rug will lie. If the width and length are the same, the shape is a square; if two sides of the area are longer than the other two, the shape is a rectangle.
Square Space
In a square space, the area rug should be a square or circular shape. Square rugs suggest a casual decor. A square rug is often seen in modern decor such as in great rooms where the sofa arrangement surrounds an over-sized coffee table. Circular rugs suggest a more formal style and are often seen in traditional or classical rooms as deeply carved floral carpets with heavy edge fringe.
Rectangular Space
In a rectangular space, the area rug should be rectangular or oval. The design guideline suggests that rectangular shapes are more suited to a casual decor, but because most area rugs are designed and printed in this shape, the guideline is frequently bent or ignored. An oval rug suits a rectangular space and suggests a more formal or classic style, the exception being the classic braided oval rug, which is not a formal style.
Exposed Rug
When the chairs of a dining room table are out, they should remain on the rug. This is for both aesthetics and safety. For these reasons, if the shape of the table mimics the shape of the rug, function will not clash with the form and balance of the room.
Tables and Rugs Together
The shape of the table should mimic the shape of the rug. If the rug is rectangular, the table should be rectangular or oval. If the rug is square, the table should be square or round.
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