Roller Solar Shades 101

These members of the shade community are notorious for their blah appearance and their stellar (no pun intended) performance. On the lower end of the price scale you can find  ready-made roller shades in the big box stores where they will often cut them to your specific measurements, or you can go for the high-end model and have them custom-made through one of the large shade manufacturers. The main advantage of roller solar shades is their sun-blocking capability while providing some view. The package will list an openness rating, and the lower the rating, the more opaque the shade. For example, a shade with an openness rating of 5 is almost totally opaque when down, a shade with a rating of 25 is fairly transparent. Good protection is recognized at between 5 and 10. The openness rating works with the UV protection factor of the shade. The less you can READ MORE