How to Feel Cooler in the Heat

  The thermometer at 41 degrees is from my niece in Kamloops. On Wednesday the 6th. For my American readers, that’s about 110 degrees. IN CANADA FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD! This is a bit of a departure from my typical decor-related column, granted, but if this column helps you live better in these heat-stressed days, then I’ve been successful. People suffer in this heat. Look around. You can see the sweated brows, the slowed gait and the flushed cheeks.  It seems like no matter what some people do, they just really suffer in this heat. I know how to reduce the stress you feel because of the heat; reduce it by quite a lot, actually.  It’s so simple it’s ridiculous, yet every year I repeat this column’s intention and every year I see people I KNOW have read it suffering through. So here we go again. If you look at READ MORE