bulkhead in bedroom

The Bulkhead and Odd-Angled Walls

I went to a previous clients home the other day and I was stuck, again, by the architecture of the home and the wonderful colors.  The home has two predominant colors and there are a lot of angled walls. When we were planning the paint colors we had a dickens of a time deciding  what color to put where until we  hit on the plan of  “all horizontal and angled planes are this color; all vertical planes are the other color.”  Seeing the home again, after several years, I was struck by how clever we were.  Without this consistency, the home would have been a jumble; a disjointed  crayon-box of colors that would have detracted from the fantastic bones of the building.  Is it part of the ceiling or a focal point? If you are not careful, the bulkhead could take on the visual importance of a focal point. Do READ MORE