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How to Choose a Coffee Table

So – picture this living room: Two recliner love-seats, one recliner chair, one recliner sofa, a 40-inch T.V., corner fireplace, electric piano, full-sized organ, and three small end tables – all around the perimeter of the room.  The tiny coffee table in the middle of the room was an octagon about 20 inches in diameter and was about 3 feet from any seat. It looked rather peculiar- a little lonely island.  Function first  The client wanted a new coffee table for the middle. She assumed that it was necessary to have a  regular coffee table-  but the problem was that when the recliners were all in use (as they often were), the footrests just met in the center – almost touching the little octagon – like a big sunburst.  After agreeing that the most important function of the coffee table was to provide a place for someone to put down READ MORE