2010 color of the year patone

Color Forecast for 2011

Here is some good news for all of you who diligently followed the color mavins guides for 2010 and re-decorated according to their forecasts.    You don’t really have to change much to be on the cutting edge for 2011. In terms of color. This means that the ‘what will the colors be for 2010’  forecast was almost the same as the current ‘what will the colors be for 2011’ forecast.   All the trend colors are still grayed (or muted, in real colorist terms); vibrant jewel colors are not found; blue is almost totally absent and the only real green is what I (irreverently) refer to as hospital wall green. Except for Pantone who named ‘Honeysuckle’, a pretty intense pink as their color of the year The neutrals are greenish though, as they were last year; in one forecast they all reminded me of shades of putty, except the READ MORE