angle living room floorplan

How to deal with a corner fireplace.

One of the frequent design questions I am asked  is ‘How do I place the furniture around a corner fireplace?’ This is a bit of a problem. The guideline in design  that covers this is that the main piece of furniture in a living room (the sofa) should be oriented toward the focal point. In English this means that the sofa should be placed in front of the fireplace, on the same angle as the front  of the fireplace:  parallel.  Doing this creates a rectangle or square area around which the rest of the furniture will be placed.  That sounds easy and simple but the variables that enter in here make all the difference. For example: is there  enough room to put the sofa  where it should be? What do we do if the room is not big enough and the sofa must go against a wall? Well first of READ MORE