What you need to know about your outdoor cushions.

Outdoor Cushions — why you can’t use everyday cushions and expect them to last. Spring is coming. I don’t really care what Punxsutawney Phil said.  I know because I am getting lots of requests to re-cover outdoor  and RV cushions.  A lady I know was telling me about the waterproofing spray she was going to buy to spray her outdoor cushions.  We had a bit of a conversation about this, and I thought I should share some of what you need to know about your outdoor cushions.  First of all, if you expect the covers to be totally waterproof, you will be  disappointed. Unless you seal each line of stitching, glue the zipper shut, and evenly apply multiple layers of waterproofing, the cushion will not be totally impervious to water collection. Walter collecting in the inner foam will mold and mildew.  Hence ruined cushions. The clever DIYer will make her READ MORE