How Much Fabric Do You Need for Drapes?

Even if you don’t plan to make the drapes yourself, you should know how to calculate the required yardage so that you get enough fabric. A bit extra is good, not enough is not good. A BIT of Math Stackback is the amount of extra space past the window frame that the drapes require when open to fully expose the window. Black-out lined drapes usually require about 20% more space than just the window width. Calculate the finished drape width with a bit of simple math. If the window is 83 inches wide and the drapes are blackout lined, you will need to add a minimum of 20% to the rod to allow the drapes to completely clear the window when open. Multiply 83 times 1.2  to find the new rod length;  this will be 100 inches . Fullness explained Fullness in drapery is usually calculated at 2 times or READ MORE