We have high density, low density, high compression, low compression,   5 ,10 or 15 year, open cell, closed cell, latex, visco-elastic, memory, craft, outdoor, and camping foam.  And all you wanted was some new foam for the chair pads in the kitchen. So here you are, the Foam dictionary: Density refers to the amount of material per square foot. High density has more material, low density has less. This figure is usually expressed in pounds per cubic foot – how much a piece of foam 12” x 12” x 12” weighs.  Or you may hear high, medium, and low density. A number 1 density means the foam weighs 1 pound per cubic foot.   Compression:  The number of pounds of pressure it takes to compress the foam 1 inch. 40 compression foam takes 40 pounds to compress.  This is referred to as the ILD  (‘Indentation Load Deflection’  and it is READ MORE