The Green Home Tour

My ‘How to Make Your Drapes More Energy Efficient’  display and I were part of the  Green Home Tour on Saturday, May 14. I was at Jen Dyck and Steve Mennie’s home – the straw bale one.  We were the last on the list but we had the first people show up at 9:45 and they kept coming all day; well, except for the lunch hour when Jen and I had time to take a little stroll around the property.    The weather cooperated; it was actually sunny for part of the day so everyone who came through seemed to be in good spirits, and  there were many positive comments about the tour.   I don’t know much about straw bale homes except that they are very energy efficient. I did a bit of research and the astounding thing I learned is that a built to code ‘stick’ home will READ MORE