Picture Framing 101

As you know, “Interior Decorating” is fraught with guidelines. Not rules, but gentle reminders of the tried and, usually, true ways of doing, displaying, matting, and coloring that tend to bring out the best in the item and your interior. It shouldn’t be any surprise that “Picture Framing” also has guidelines.   Talk to an Expert In the spirit of writing about decor things that you have asked me about, I went to talk to Kevin Watson of Earth Art Studios the other day, to get some first-hand info on how to frame a picture.  While waiting to talk to Kevin, I had a look around his gallery, which is a jewel box of local artisan treasures. I am always awed at the variety and quality of the art produced in this area, and Kevin’s gallery showcases some of the best. Yup, Contrast is important here, too. You know that READ MORE

How to hang pictures

So you have gathered all your family photos and decided to hang them together on that long hall wall.  10 pictures; hopefully only 10 holes in the wall. Chances are really good there will be more than 10 holes. Hopefully the pictures  will be straight. Hopefully they will look like some thought went into the placement.  Hopefully  they will be spaced evenly.  Here is how to do it with no extra holes and no crooked pictures. I promise. These instructions don’t address the issues of arranging the photos, I’ll  talk about that in the next column, but if you just trust yourself chances are you will get a good arrangement anyway.   First, measure the space of the wall onto which the pictures will be hung and make a piece of paper this size.  Lay it on the floor.    Number each picture in your grouping.   Lay the pictures READ MORE