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How to hem pants

I would not be exaggerating to say I have hemmed over 1000 pairs of pants, in my time, — everything from jeans to astoundingly expensive custom made mens wool pants.  Some, like  jeans and the expensive dress pants, should be taken to a professional – for lots of reasons. But, for the young wife, mom or GUY, you should know how to hem everyday pants, and by extension, skirts and shorts. So here is the quick version. Put the pants on inside out. Turn the bottom of the pants up to the correct length, just form a cuff around the bottom. Pin this in place at the center back. Pin one leg only, and at this point only. The assumption is that  both of your legs are the same length, or reasonably close to the same length, and that the pant legs are the same length to begin with.  Take READ MORE