Off Center Things

I worked with a designer who loved asymmetrical things. If I hung a picture straight in the showroom she would come behind me and skew it just a bit. All the furniture in her living room was off-centered, just a bit.  We did a Christmas Show Home one year and one of my jobs was to go behind her and straighten everything. She took great delight in finding a window off-center in a room.  She thought it showed some individuality.  I believe I am in the majority when I say that off-center windows are really annoying. Here’s the thing about architectural elements in a room that you do not find pleasing and you can not change: you can camouflage it, you can ignore it, or you can accent it. Camouflage it: remember what I’ve said about contrast? Here is a prime example of how to use that knowledge: Make the offending READ MORE