pleated shade

Pleated Shades 101

Pleated Shades When we were kids making accordion-folded paper fans, one of us stashed that information away and later figured out that with a few cords running through the folds it could become an operable window covering. And the pleated shade was born. Originating from the Netherlands, these shades are one of the most popular and inexpensive window coverings out there. A definition: A shade is a window covering made from what appears to be one piece of fabric, as opposed to a blind which is a window covering made of slats of wood or a man-made rigid composite.  Pleated shades appear to be a single piece of fabric, for example, whereas a wood blind is a series of slats held together with cords. The exception to the rule (there had to be one, didn’t there) is the Roman blind, which is actually a shade. The addition of a reflective READ MORE