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Solar Shades one more time

Last year I wrote the annual shade column in May. This year it seems that spring has not Sprung but rather Leaped and I’m getting more and more calls about solar shades. What I said in last year’s column was mostly about the sun and light blocking properties of solar shades and that information is still good and valid. If you haven’t read the column, read it here: “How to Choose the Right Solar Shade”. There is a picture there, too, of what the view-through is from the outside in at night.  Here’s the skinny on the options available on solar roller shades which affect their look and operability: roll, valances, cassettes and lift systems. You should understand what these are before you go out to buy shades.   Roll: Regular roll causes the shade to roll off the roller from the front back toward the window. It places the shade READ MORE