staged bedroom

Staging makes you money

How to sell your home 30% faster.   Well, that caught your eye, didn’t it? ‘Days on the Market’  can be a huge problem for homeowners anxious to sell – usually because they are trying to buy another property and must sell the current one. Oh, and suppose we could get you 8 to 10 percent more money for your sale?   If you are a home-seller, caught in the hurry-up and wait whirlwind that is real estate sales, you might want to read further.  The cost of staging could very well be less than the first price reduction you will face if your home sits on the market too long.    Advantages of staging Staging is the process of making the home ready for sale.  Staging is  not so new — been around since 1975 — and, if done correctly, will produce the results it claims.   Consider, too, READ MORE