The Travel Trailer

My niece has a travel trailer that has fake wood wall-board, gold appliances and rust-colored flowered upholstery fabric. You know the one — we have all seen it.  Unfortunately there is nothing wrong with the wall board, appliances or rust-colored flowers so there is no need to replace anything, but she really wanted to change things a  bit.  I took down the five little, teeny tiny valances that were of the  flowered upholstery fabric and replaced them with a linen/cotton blend fabric in a color that matched the dark of the wallboard.  The valances concealed the hardware of the roller shades so they weren’t only decorative. Just this one change made a huge difference and now the flowered upholstery doesn’t seem quite so much a problem as before.  If you’ve read my column for awhile you know about contrast and the effect it has on the perceived size of a room. READ MORE