Trims and Tassels

 Most of us love trims and tassels, but there seems to be reluctance in many people to take the plunge and add trim into your home. Don’t be afraid; the ‘risk’ is well worth it. I have never had a client ask me to take the trim off; I have often had clients ask me to add trim after the fact. Trims add definition to a project, enhance a color scheme, and help tie varying color schemes and elements in a room together. Take a moment this week and look at the magazines; trim is everywhere – not a lot, just a touch – less is more, remember. Inexpensive fabric can take on new, luxurious appeal with the addition of a trim or tassel. Here are some suggestions of how to incorporate some trims into existing decor.  *A simple contrast-colored cushion on a sofa becomes a lot more important with READ MORE