frustrated woman infront of window coverings styles

Choose a Window Covering

Unlike most interior decorating ‘rules’, that are really guidelines, the following guidelines should be regarded more like rules. ( Confused yet??.. It gets easier) Step by step…  1.Establish a budget. As with any home improvement plan, expect the budget to be challenged, but start with an amount you are comfortable with.   2.Make a list of what you want the window covering to do. ie: protection from sun, privacy, keeping heat out, keeping heat in.. etc. If you have pictures of window coverings you really like, dig them out.   3.Hire a professional decorator for a 1-hour consultation. THE SMALLER YOUR BUDGET, THE MORE YOU NEED A PRO. You don’t have money to do things twice. A good decorator will give you advice on all the options available that meet your needs, not just the ones they sell. 4.Confirm with the decorator that accurate renderings will be provided.   They should be able READ MORE