money out the window

DIY Window Insulation

I had to turn on the heat in my house last week. Here we go again. So, broken record me, it’s time to talk winter and the effect the weather has on  the heating bill. Did you know that between 10 and 30 percent of your heating bill is going out your windows? Would you like to reduce that amount by at least 50 percent without replacing the windows?  Here’s how to DIY your way to a warmer house without custom made anything.   Understand, first of all, that the key is layering. Just as layering clothing is the key when going outside in winter, layering the window coverings  is what needs to happen to keep the winter cold from meeting the warm of the room. The best insulating drape has at least three layers: the face fabric, a flannel interlining and a blackout back lining.  Create the same effect READ MORE